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How International Banking Works

For a company to become adept in International banking it has to be well versed with international transactions even before exploring the available finance options. The rate at which a bank can also interact on an international platform is also necessary. There are several finance trade products for companies trading on the international frontier.
One of these is the letter of credit which helps the seller to ascertain that payments have been made. Once this letter has been received from the bank, the exporter gets a confirmation that payment will be made by the importer. This is the means through which the bank guarantees that payment will be made. If for unforeseen reasons an importer fails to meet the terms and agreement on the payment, the bank then steps in and makes the payment. This is the in which the exporter makes performs risk-free transactions through following these stipulated terms and conditions.
Any international bank should be well aware of all the specifics of international financing. There are some companies that prefer using banks that issue letters of credit online. This is one way of speeding up transactions since the exporter is able to get the letter of credit promptly and therefore goods can now be released to the importer since the bank has guaranteed the payment and therefore does not cause the unnecessary delays in the export and import process.
International financing is so crucial since one wants to ensure that they get the favorable terms available. The bank in which one makes transactions should allow one to available finance options available for exporting goods. International banks are in most cases preferred because of number of reasons such as tax avoidance in what many know as offshore banking, which is not necessarily illegal but one should always be aware of the hazards that come with international banking.

Benefits of Using an International Bank

Hong Kong is one of the areas in China that is well known for its good banking infrastructure and there are several benefits of using the financial services offered in the place. One of the factors that make this industry very popular is the fact that there are no restrictions when it comes to the flow of funds in bank accounts.
Privacy is a great concern for people when they are opening accounts. With a Hong Kong bank account, your identity and details about the transactions you carry out remain confidential. This is the same privacy you get with some of the countries that offer offshore accounts.
When you open an account with a Hong Kong bank, there is no risk of having the services terminated. This means that nobody can interfere with the banking services you receive especially if you have an offshore account.
If you have an account in any of the banking institutions, it can be located in any of the offshore islands in the region but you do not have to travel there to open one. This makes it very convenient for customers.
The minimum account balance in the region is lower compared to other cities in the world. You can have as little as HK$ 3,000 as your minimum. A small fee is charged if it is below this amount.
Another benefit is that if you are running a Hong Kong corporation, you can withdraw or deposit your money from any branch. Wire transfers are also possible if you have an offshore account.
Account opening is not restricted to nationals therefore foreigners can enjoy the various financial services offered in the area. This means that if you are running an offshore company, you can have an account but in this case, the banks require a majority of the shareholders to be foreigners.

Basics of International Bank Transfers

Today, we cannot think of a life without banks. They have become part and parcel of our life. Today's new generation banks provide lot of useful services apart from just lending and saving of money. These developments along with development in technology have improved the banking sector along with its service across space and time.
Bank to bank transfers, whether national or international are becoming more and more popular among the layman due to the unparalleled safety and security that is being offered in such transfers. These transfers can be completed within a couple of hours generally. The transaction will be done only if the sender has enough funds in his account and once it reaches the bank at the receiving end, it will be cleared immediately and can be easily accessed. The banks at both the sending and receiving ends must have reciprocal accounts with each other or the transaction will have to be made to a corresponding bank which has a reciprocal account.
International Bank Transfers are not possible without the SWIFT or BIC code. You must be wondering what they are. SWIFT code stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication also known as ISO 9362 or SWIFT BIC or even BIC code of SWIFT Id, which is the standard format of Bank Identifier Code. This is approved by the International Standard Organization (ISO). This code is an alpha - numeric code which uniquely represents a bank. This code is used for interbank transfers and other interbank communication.
How Does It Work?
Firstly, the sender has to approach the bank or whichever financial institution he wants to send the money from. The recipient's account number and the SWIFT code of that particular bank where the recipient has the account also should be given to make the transaction.
Then the bank at the sending end will send a secure message to the bank at the receiving end, requesting the payment according to the given instructions.
Generally, it takes only a few hours to for the transfer to be complete and the funds to reach their destination account. But at times, it might take a couple of days.
All the bank transfers collect payment for the service done by them from both the sender and the recipient. The bank at the sending end collect the free from the sender whereas the bank at the receiving end deducts the fee from the amount transferred, which means that the amount that the recipient receives will be lesser than what the sender had originally sent.

International Bank Transfers Are Simple Transactions

Many people have never tried to do an international bank transfer of funds for any purpose. It is now time to become familiar with this type of transaction for a couple of reasons. More and more products are being sold on the internet and many of the companies are located overseas and internationally. If the vendor does not have the means to process credit cards, then international bank transfer will have to be the mode of payment. Another good reason to learn the process is if you have family or friends living abroad, working abroad, or in the military overseas.
International bank transfers are very common transactions that most banks are set up to handle very easily. There will be fees involved when using the international bank transfer transaction so it pays to shop around for rates. The bank you bank with may be able to give you the best rate on fees. Once you have determined the bank to use to start the process, you will need three important items. They are: IBAN (routing #) of the receiving institution, the account number of the person or business you are transferring funds to, and the name and phone number of the account holder. This is the information that will be required by the receiving bank.
You will have to provide your bank, or the sending bank, with some important information as well. You will have to provide valid identification and that will include current address and telephone number. Be prepared to be asked why you are doing the international bank transfer. In today's world of drug trafficking and terrorism, large sums of money being transferred draw attention. The higher the dollar amount you are transferring will necessitate your providing more extensive reasons why with the documentation.
Once you have satisfied both sides of the transaction, the international bank transfer should go through without a hitch. Be sure and do some post transfer housekeeping. Make sure you are given a receipt and any other applicable paperwork that may have been required in the transaction. The receipt should have a transaction number and tracking information in case you need to track your transfer. Your receipt will prove that you actually sent the funds.
There really is no reason why you cannot feel as secure about an international transaction as you do with local transactions. We do live in a global economy now.

International Bank Transfers Explained

An international bank transfer is a way to send money between two countries. These transfers can be done in several ways. One way is a wire transfer. To send a wire transfer the person does not need to have an account at the bank which is transferring the money. The application can be made at the foreign exchange counter of the bank. This is usually a very quick and efficient way to transfer money internationally and it should only take a few hours or a day to process.
A wire transfer is a bank to bank transfer and is the safest way to send money internationally as the person sending the funds and the one receiving it must show a proof of identity. This is then copied and kept in the banks records. When the money is transferred electronically, the information is also encrypted so nobody can intercept and steal personal information. The two banks providing the international service must have a reciprocal account with each other to be able to facilitate the transfer.
The fees charged when making an international bank transfer can be difficult to calculate as some are not very obvious. The main fee incurred is the fee charged for sending the money. This fee is paid at the bank when making the transfer and the amount charged will differ from bank to bank and country to country. The bank transferring the money also makes a profit on the exchange rate as it will send the funds in the foreign currency you request. The last fee is paid by the person receiving the funds and is paid when collecting the money from the bank. This fee will be subtracted from the amount received.
A system developed to transfer funds internationally between banks is called SWIFT. When you transfer money internationally you will be asked for the bank account number of the recipient as well as their SWIFT number. This information should be easily accessed from the person's bank or their bank statement. Other information the bank will require when making the transfer application is the recipient's address. You should have all information the bank requires ready before going to the bank to make the transfer.
International bank transfers are available from almost all banks. When transferring to an overseas bank account you will need to find a bank in your location which has a reciprocal account with the overseas bank. Make sure you have all the account and address information of the person the transfer is being sent to before you go to the bank. The application is quite simple if you have everything ready before hand, and should only take a few minutes.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

International Bank Wire Transfer

 Money is transferred across continents daily. People living abroad send money to their relatives who live in their homeland. Foreign Companies with people working all over the world sends in the employee's income through money transfer procedures. Thus money transfer is something that is done on a wide scale and on a daily basis. There are many ways to transfer money across the world. The money can be transferred into the bank account of the account holder and the account holder can withdraw this money whenever he needs it. But the safest and most popular international bank transfer is the wire transfer or credit transfer system. It is an electric funds transfer from one person or institution to another. It is also possible to wire money from one bank account to any other bank account. Cash transfer is also possible at various designated cash offices. Wire transfer is aimed at individual money transfer rather than a bulky payment, which is companies, will not wire group payments by wire transfer. The money is wired to an individual account holder by any other person or institute.
Wire transfers are considered to be the safest and most reliable means of transferring currency. It is also one of the quickest ways to transfer funds from one person to another. The person who wants to send the money goes to a bank or an exchange office that takes up the job of wire transfer. The details of the transfer which includes the receiver's name, bank account, amount, city and country codes are filled in and submitted along with the sum to be transferred. The bank or office that sends in the cash transfer charges the sender a processing fee. This fee depends on the amount being sent and is charged to the receiver too. The sending bank then contacts the receiving bank and furnishes it with the details of the transfer and details of the receiver. The transfer can take a few hours to complete and in some situations a day or two. If the currency needs to be converted then the exchange rate is calculated and commission is cut on the amount before sending it into the bank account of the receiver. The receiver's fee is charged on this amount and he or she receives a somewhat lesser amount than the actual amount. In this way international bank wire transfer makes up the profits and generates its funds.
Another form of wire transfer is the use of debit cards and credit cards. The electronic code on the rear of the card is inter connected with the bank account and every time it is swiped at a store the e-code sets up a wire transfer between the card holders bank account and the stores fund account. Thus wire transfer is a commonly used aspect of daily life and one of the best ways to transfer currency in an international point of view. International bank transfers are gaining popularity with time and will soon take a high point in the field of banking.